VOE 11994502 – Companion flange


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Suitable for these construction equipments

Model SN Old Part
L90C OR Volvo 36001-36023,70060-80000,
L90C Volvo 70060-80000,14305-17000,62463-65000,
L120B Volvo 8100-10000,60750-63000,
L90B Volvo 11100-13000,61101-61900,
L90C OR Volvo 70001-70052,61901-62462,
L90C Volvo 13001-14304,61901-62462,70001-70052,
L120C Volvo 70075-80000,11319-60000,61677-70000,
L150C Volvo 60701-70000,2768-10000,
L150C LB Volvo 2768-10000,
A40 Volvo 1001-1097,1001-1151,60001-60026,
L120C Volvo 61301-61676,9901-11318,
A40 Volvo 1201-10000,60101-70000,
L150 Volvo 1001-2080,60000-60500,
L150C Volvo 2081-2767,60501-60708,
Weight 0,166 kg