About Us

VMP Engineering and Spare Parts was founded in 1992 and became VMP Mühendislik ve İş Makine San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. Over the course of time, we have tried to do our best to analyze the requests of our customers in the best way and to reach the service they want.

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With the desire to share the knowledge and experience we have gained in the construction equipment sector with our customers and to meet them for common benefit, we have accepted it as our duty to walk on this path.

90+ Country Export

We export VMP branded spare parts to more than 90 countries.

13.000+ Ready Stock

There are 13,000+ spare parts in our ready stock. We are increasing the number of spare parts in our stock day by day.

32 Employees

With our team of 32 people, we are ready to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Our Mission

Our 25 years of experience in the industry emphasize the importance of ensuring that our customers’ machines are always active, promptly acquiring the correct parts in case of breakdowns, and swiftly repairing the machines to put them back into operation.

From the customer’s perspective, time equals money, and they are absolutely right. None of our customers desire their machines to remain idle in the workshop because it translates to financial losses. Customers want their machines to be operational in the field because that’s where they generate revenue. We are here to minimize the downtime of machines in the repair shop.

Our objective is to deliver the necessary spare parts to the location of the machine as quickly as possible, promptly rectify any issues, and swiftly return the machine to its operational state without any unnecessary delays.

Our Vision

Our Fundamental Principle: Building Long-lasting Business Relationships through Mutual Trust and Respect

At our core, we abide by the fundamental principle of not engaging in one-time transactions, but rather fostering enduring partnerships that span thousands of transactions. Grounded in the bedrock of mutual trust and respect established with our customers, we are dedicated to the ethos of continuous collaboratio.

Sustaining Our Commercial Partnership for Years to Come, Setting Ourselves Apart through Exceptional Service

Our commitment lies in the perpetual extension of our commercial collaboration, aiming to serve our clients with unparalleled dedication. By adhering to this principle, we aim to distinguish ourselves through the exceptional quality of service we offer. We believe in the power of consistency and reliability, traits that define our approach to business.

Innovating Together with Our Customers: Paving the Path to Our Desired Future

We recognize that innovation is the key that unlocks new horizons. By collaborating closely with our valued customers, we aspire to innovate collectively, propelling us toward the future we envision. Embracing creativity and fresh ideas, we are confident that the collaborative spirit we share with our clients will lead us to unparalleled success.

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