1592924 – TN-924 TEST NIPPLE

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SKU: 1592924TN924
Volvo Trucks

For brake system and air suspension

F10, F12, F16, F4
F6, F6S, F7, FH12
FH16, FL10, FL12, FL4
FL6, FL7, FM12, FM7
FS7, M16, N10, N10BR MK2
N12, N12BR MK2, N7, NL10 Australia
NL10BR, NL10S, NL12 Australia, NL12BR
Volvo Bus

For brake system and air suspension

B10B, B10BLE, B10L, B10M
B10MBR, B10R, B12, B12BR
B58BR, B59, B6, B7
B7F, B7FA, B9M, C10M
Volvo Off Road

5350, 5350B, 860, 861
A20 BM, A20C, A20C BM, A25 BM
A25B, A25B BM, A25C, A25C BM
A25D, A25E, A25F, A25G
A30 BM, A30C, A30C BM, A30D
A30E, A30F, A30G, A35 BM
A35F, A35G, A40F, A40G
Weight 0,043 kg
Volvo Referans No

1592924, 1581552


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